The village Ireon has 400 inhabitants and is positioned in the Southeast of the island. In the past it has been a fishing village and it is surrounded by olive trees and Vines. Only some locals still fish, others farm and most of the people own their own small hotels, pensions, cafe bars and restaurants. Ireon is almost untouched by the tourism, and also in the heigh season it is not overcrowded. The local people will take time to chat and make you feel welcome.

Ireon village has a very attractive square. In the evening all the families meet here. The children can play safely in the square and you can enjoy your food and drinks, without being disturbed by traffic.                    There is a good variety of restaurants directly on the waterfront and in the side streets. Later you can make a walk along the harbour and feel a mixture of Greek life, peace and tranquility. Otherwise you can sit on your balcony and take in the beautiful star-  and moonlit nights.

You can reach Ireon very easily, since it is only 4 Kilometres away from the airport. Do not let this put you of coming to Ireon, even in the height of the season there are around 15 planes during the day and no nightflights.

Every day there are local buses going to Pythagorion 11 km or Vathy (Samos) 25 km. If you are not the type for soaking up the sun, you can start your day trips from Ireon.

In the summertime Samos always has a nice breeze called Meltemi, which helps to cool the temperature and make your holiday more comfortable.